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Adjunct Instructors

Our adjunct faculty provide important instruction in a variety of lower level mathematics courses, allowing the Department greater flexibility in each semester's course offerings.

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics adjunct instructors all share office spaces located in Harris Hall Rooms 4154-A and 4154-C.

Raad Abdullateef email:
Vidyadhana (Raj) Avula email:
Bonnie Ballsrud email:
Jason Blake email:
David Boone email:
George (Bill) Bowers email:
George Cardwell email:
G. Wes Childress email:
Lindsay Childs email:
Ludwig Coco email:
Nancy Costello email:
Stephen Coudriet email:
Cheri Doucette


Joshua Early email:
Robert (Wayne) Ellis email:
Karen Eversole email:
Marilyn Gloyer email:
Ryan Goulet email:
Agnes Grocholski email:
Fabio Guerinoni email:
Crista Hamilton email:
Elaine Hauck email:
Alexandra Hoeft email:
Joshua Hostetler email:
Faith John email:
Henry Johnson email:
Susan Kirk email:
Kelly Laughlin email:
James Lee email:
Ann Loving email:
Steven Mallis email:
Rebecca McCarter email:
Hugh McElwain email:
Gigi Meyer email:
Thomas Pavlish email:
Brittany Schenk email:
Mark Schwitzerlett email:
Sudharshana Srinivasan email:
Elizabeth (Betsy) Steadman email:
David G. Taylor email:
Hailu Teju-Takele email:
Lawrence Vadala email:
Arkady Vornovitsky email:
Mark Zimmerman email:





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