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Academic Advising & Declaring a Math Major or Minor

During their first semester, VCU students majoring in Mathematics will be randomly assigned a faculty advisor from the Department of Mathematics. Students in the K-8 Mathematics Specialist program will be assigned department faculty members working in collaboration with the School of Education.

Advisors are assigned approximately two weeks after the end of add/drop each semester. A spreadsheet of the advising assignments and faculty office hours can be found in the mailbox outside of Harris Hall 4117 in the Blue Binder labeled "Academic Advising." Please check the spreadsheet and contact your advisor if you have questions. Once you are assigned to a faculty advisor, you will be recieving an e-mail from the department every semester, prior to registration, asking you to make an appointment with your advisor.

5th year MT students should continue to see their previously assigned advisor for final degree requirements and preparation of the graduation application. Please see either: Dr. Ellington, Dr. Whitenack, Dr.Hammack, or Dr. Ortiz-Robinson for assistance.

Recent VCU policy change: Additional sources of credit (AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge, Duel Enrollment, etc.) must be received prior to the end of the student's first semester in order for the student to be eligible for credit. Transfer students should work closely with the transfer center to facilitate this process. New students should work with their College advisors.

Declaring a Math Major

All students wishing to change to a Mathematics major must meet with an advisor. Please check the listing outside room 4117 for the walk-in advising schedule. If you are unable to meet with someone during walk in hours, please contact Michelle Carpenter at

During final exams and the summer months, many of our faculty do not keep regular office hours. If you are interested in changing your Major to Mathematics, please try to meet with someone during fall or spring semester to discuss your options. Please complete the Change of Major form and bring it with you to your advisor meeting.

A Minor in Mathematical Sciences

The requirements for a minor in mathematical science are as follows:

  • A minimum of eighteen (18) credits in courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research.
  • A minimum of three (3) credits of calculus.
  • A minimum of nine (9) upper-level credits (300-level or above)
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in the classes submitted for the minor.

The following items will NOT be counted toward a minor in mathematics

  • No 100-level MATH or MATH 303 or 362 courses can be applied to the minor.
  • STAT 208, 210, 212 or 312 cannot be applied to the minor.
  • Math classes in areas other than MATH, STAT, or OPER (e.g. ACCT, MGMT or ENGR) cannot be applied to the minor.
  • Mathematical Sciences majors cannot minor in a mathematical science program.

In addition, if the math credits submitted are transfer credits from high school or another institution, you may be required to provide supporting documentation (i.e. transcripts, syllabi) to ensure coursework requirements are met.

In order to declare a Minor in Mathematics, you must complete this form. In order to Graduate with the minor, you must also complete this form. All previous, current and future courses should be listed on the form. Please drop off the forms in Harris Hall at Room 4102. You will receive an e-mail letting you know when the Graduation with Minor Application form has been signed. You may then pick up the form (between 7:30 am and 4 pm Monday - Friday). Your form should then go to the Dean of the School of your Major to be singed, UNLESS you are in the College of Humanitites and Sciences, in which case the form goes to Hibbs 211 for Dean Mays. Students who are minoring in Mathematics are not assigned a Mathematics advisor. If you have questions, please use the walk in advising process to meet with a faculty member.

Please review the following information from Records and Registration regarding the processing of the Minor change forms.




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