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For a listing of each semester's course offerings in Mathematics, please check the Schedule of Classes from the VCU website.from t
he MATH 501 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH 504 Algebraic Structures and Functions
MATH 505 Modern Geometry
MATH 507-508 Analysis I, II
MATH 509-510 General Topology I, II
MATH 511 Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 512 Complex Analysis for Applications
MATH 515 Numerical Analysis I
MATH 516 Numerical Analysis II
MATH 517-518 Methods of Applied Mathematics
MATH 520/OPER 520 Game Theory and Linear Programming
MATH 521 Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory
MATH 523 Discrete Event Simulation
MATH 525 Introduction to Combinatorial Mathematics
MATH 527-528 Mathematical Foundations of Operations Research
MATH 530 The History of Mathematics
MATH 531 Expositions in Modern Mathematics
MATH 532 Ordinary Differential Equations I
MATH 534 Applied Discrete Dynamical Systems
MATH 554 Using Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics
MATH 555/ENGR 555 Dynamics and Multivariable Control I
MATH 580-581 Methods of Applied Mathematics for the Life Sciences I-II
MATH 582 Computational Modeling in Mathematical Biology
MATH 591 Topics in Mathematics
MATH 601-602 Abstract Algebra I, II
MATH 603-604 Advanced Probability Theory
MATH 607-608 Real Analysis I, II
MATH 610 Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 611-612 Complex Analysis I, II
MATH 615 Topics in Numerical Analysis
MATH 617-618 Applied Mathematics I, II
MATH 619 Operational Methods
MATH 620 Theory of Partial Differential Equations
MATH 621 Boundary-Value Problems
MATH 632 Ordinary Differential Equations II
MATH 633 Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods
MATH 634 Partial Differential Equations
MATH 639 Studies in Operations Research
MATH 640 Mathematical Biology I
MATH 641 Mathematical Programming
MATH 645 Queueing Theory
MATH 649 Practical Optimization
MATH 655/ENGR 655 Dynamics and Multivariable Control II
MATH 661 Number and Operations
MATH 662 Geometry and Measurement
MATH 663 Functions and Algebra
MATH 664 Statistics and Probability
MATH 665 Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning
MATH 667 Functions and Albegra II (effective sum 2013)

MATH 681/OPER 681/STAT 681 Systems Seminar I
MATH 682/OPER 682/STAT 682 Systems Seminar II
MATH 683/OPER 683/STAT 683 Systems Seminar III
MATH 690 Research Seminar
MATH 691 Special Topics in Mathematics
MATH 697 Directed Research
MATH 707 Functional Analysis I
MATH 711-712 Complex Analysis I-II
MATH 715 Numerical Solutions for Differential Equations
MATH 719 Operational Methods
MATH 721 Boundary Value Problems
MATH 732 Ordinary Differential Equations II
MATH 740 Mathematical Biology II
MATH 750-751 Combinatorics I-II
MATH 756-757 Graph Theory I-II
MATH 759 Graph Enumeration
MATH 769 Special Topics in Mathematical Life Sciences
MATH 770 Fourier Analysis
MATH 787 Special Topics in Discrete Mathematics
MATH 798/OPER 798/STAT 798 Dissertation Research






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