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Undergraduate Students

  • Bachelor of Science Degree

    Program Goals

    Mathematical Sciences
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

    The curriculum in mathematical sciences promotes understanding of the mathematical sciences and their structures, uses and relationships to other disciplines. To this end, the scholarly growth of the faculty and students in the mathematical sciences is nurtured through study, research and a high standard of teaching. The curriculum provides a sound foundation for the student seeking to enter a career with a technological orientation or for the student who wishes to pursue graduate study in applied mathematics, biomathematics, mathematics, operations research, statistics, teaching mathematics in secondary schools or related fields.

    A Bachelor of Science is offered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research. In the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences can choose from one of the four following concentrations:

    Applied Mathematics– concentrates on the analytical and computational techniques necessary to solve many of today’s problems. These methods traditionally had been applied in such areas as chemistry and physics, but now are applied in many other areas.

    Biomathematics– focuses on the overlap between mathematics and the disciplines of biology and medicine. This concentration covers the mathematical methods of modeling and analysis of phenomena in the life sciences.

    Mathematics – fosters the understanding of the power and the beauty of pure mathematics and its applications to various branches of knowledge.

    Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation– prepares students for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools.

    As an alternative to the above concentrations, with the approval of the departmental Undergraduate Credentials Committee and the adviser, students can design their own plan of study, which also will result in a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences. This student-planned curriculum must contain at least 24 credits in upper-level (300-500) mathematical sciences courses.

    In the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research, students pursing the Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences can choose from two areas of concentration.

    Mathematical sciences/operations research – focuses on modern mathematical techniques for solving problems arising from other fields, such as engineering, business or economics.

    Mathematical sciences/statistics– teaches students how mathematical models used in the investigation of uncertain phenomena are developed and applied to experimental and nonexperimental data.


    During their first semester, VCU students majoring in Mathematics will be assigned a faculty advisor from the Department of Mathematics. Students in the K-8 Mathematics Specialist program will be assigned department faculty members working in collaboration with the School of Education.

    Advisors are assigned a few weeks after each semester begins. If you have not yet been assigned an advisor or do not know it is, please utilize the walk in advising process outlined here.


    The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is committed to finding seats for students in classes that they meet prerequisites for, but because of limited seat availability in many lower level courses it cannot promise a seat. All overrides to classes closed because of maximum enrollment is reached are given on a first-come-first-served basis when seats become available. All those who want an override into a mathematics course can complete an online Override Form which is submitted directly to the Mathlab.






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